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Welcome to our site! This site will be a place for our snaps, travel stories and random thoughts that pop into our head as we travel the world. We are serial travellers and hope to inspire and help others achieve their travel dreams.

We started full time traveling on the 9th April 2017 after jacking in the corporate lifestyle. Firstly we volunteered in Borneo for two months with Camps International. After another month volunteering in Cambodia we set off on our own around Asia. We stayed in Asia for 7 months (longer than we expected!) and then headed for Australia. In Oz we hired a campervan and set off on an epic road trip. We are currently trying to catch-up on our blogs from this awesome adventure.

Here is our travel map of the places we’ve been.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and do follow/comment/like or pop us a message.

Rob and Louise