Free of all that extra luggage

OkHere we go…it’s an exciting time for Louise and I as we are soon to leave our life in the UK behind and head out into the big unknown (well, unknown to us at least).  We will be finishing work at the end of March and then after a week of what will probably be mad last minute prep we will head to South East Asia to start our adventure.  But before we get into that it’s probably worth taking some time to reflect on why we are here…

First Blog
Louise and I

Well, after 10 years working my way up the corporate ladder at a leading financial institution I was made redundant.  Boohoo.  But when life gives you lemons you make lemonade and within a week Louise and I had decided to pack it all in a go traveling around the world.  Not doing a gap year after uni has also been something that I’ve regretted and actually the redundancy couldn’t have come at a better time.  Like many others I was thinking a lot recently about how in the modern world we are choosing to live our lives and whether it really makes us happy.  I’m not going to delve into my thoughts on this now as I’ve not had enough beer and I’ll probably bore you.  But, I think this man does a great job of summing up the problem of the modern world in under a minute and a half:

So this was a golden opportunity for Louise and I to do something different, freshen up our lives and take time for ourselves.  It all happened fairly quickly.  From hearing I was going to be made redundant in:

  • week 1 we had decided to go traveling
  • week 3 we had our house on the rental market
  • week 8 we had moved out our house
  • week 15 we will have freed ourselves of the extra luggage of life and set off on our adventure with just a full backpack and each other

Amazing how quickly life can change.

We are both incredibly excited about starting our travels.  There are things I really can’t wait to do, there are things I’m apprehensive about and there are things that I’m hoping to change about myself along the way.  This blog will be our scrap pad for photos and travel stories/memories all whilst under the influence of “pop” no doubt.

We hope you enjoy our journey.

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