Unsung Heroes: Volunteering locally or around the world

Marcellus Baz; this man has got it right.  A man who is giving up his time and using his passion and drive to help local communities and particularly the people in them at risk of getting involved with criminal groups and illegal activities. Legend.

It’s not just me who thinks so either, Marcellus won the Unsung Hero award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016 ceremony.  Nice.

Marcellus Baz, Me, Herol Graham and Johnny Nelson

I was lucky enough to be invited to hear Marcellus Baz speak about his background and his work to improve our communities.  He does this through his boxing gym, Nottingham School of Boxing, and offers kids the chance to train and also the support and role models they need to help them succeed in life.  It’s an absolutely great story and really inspiring to hear how he changed his life to help others who are in situations that he himself had to confront (including getting set on by three gang members with a big-ass cleaver!).  And, he’s also working with organisations around the world to set up similar models using his Switch-Up framework.  I would definitely recommend you reading up a bit more about what he does.

It did get me thinking.  Here I am going half way around the world to support and help develop other communities in far off lands for three months.  Whilst this is a great thing to do, I do want to be more mindful when I come back that there is loads of opportunity to get involved with projects and groups locally where I could really help my community.

So this is a reminder to me to go and do that on my return.  I’d also love to hear any stories of any other unsung heroes out there so if you do something to helps others, whether locally or as part of your travels, please leave a comment below to try and inspire me and hopefully others to do something good.  Respect.

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