Vietnam Floating Markets in Can Tho

After our hair raising bus journey the previous day we had an early start to visit the famous floating g markets of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

We got a taxi to take us to the docks at 5am. Here we met our boat woman for the day who instantly came across as slightly mad but happy. So once we had permission to come aboard we settled into our seats and set off on our own little tour.

The sun was rising as we headed to the market

We seemed to be the first tourist boat on the river so we were excited about the prospect of getting to the floating market ahead of the tourist crowds. However, this excitement was soon drowned away when we saw boat after boat of tourists power past us. Even other boats similar to ours were speeding past; we seemed to have the slowest boat on the river.

Anyway, after a leisurely pootle down the river we made it to the Cai Rang floating market. This is a wholesale fruit and veg market supplying to local restaurants etc. It was a great sight. Boat after boat piled high with fresh goods with local boats pulling alongside for a spot of morning haggling and dealing.

Early morning traders
Fruit throwers
Long sticks with fruit and veg hanging off them indicate what’s for sale

After grabbing a coffee and taking far too many photos we headed onto another floating market, a tour of local villages, a noodle factory and a cruise along the canals. And whilst we did this our boat lady made us some trinkets and fashion accessories out of reeds.

The Emperor
Rice noodle factory
Reed roses

All in all it was a nice trip and when we returned to the dock at 14.30 we said goodbye to our happy boat lady with a hug and wave. Although, once it became clear we weren’t giving her a tip, happy boat lady turned into angry fat lady.

There isn’t much else to Can Tho so we spent the afternoon having a small walk around the town and napping. Nice.

Drinks by the lake

The next day we headed to Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as it was previously called, to see a more modern and hectic side to Vietnam.

Our first sleeper bus (in the day)

Travellers Tips/Recommendations:

Floating Market tour: We opted for a private tour on a small boat. We booked this at our hotel the night before. It cost us 600,000 VND which include breakfast, coffee and fruit

Quán Cơm Chay Cường Restaurant: This was an ultra cheap restaurant with some great food. Would definitely recommend.

Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh city: We got a taxi to the bus station (60,000 VND) and then got a ticket on the FUTA bus (110,000 VND). The FUTA bus stops quite far out the centre of HCMC so I’d advice that you ask at your hotel or nearby travel agent if there is an open bus that drops you closer to where your accommodation will be.

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