Bangkok – Where The Familiar And The Exotic Collide 

Bangkok has a reputation of being a chaotically crazy city so after spending 3 weeks in perfectly ordered, quiet and reserved Japan we expected it to be a bit of a shock to the system. In preparation (mainly to save money instead of a hotel) for this we roughed ourselves up a bit by spending the night sleeping(ish) on the floor of Tokyo airport waiting for the gate to open before the 7 hour flight.

On arrival we found Bangkok easy to navigate, presumably due to its years of experience in the tourism gig, so we hopped on a bus and a MTR to get to our hostel. No A/C but we did have a fan and free bananas. Yes! After the excitement of free bananas wore off, we we had our first authentic green curry. It was fantastic. We declared Thai food our favourite and went to bed. 

Yummy Yummy Thai Green Curry!

The next day we woke up early and fighting off tuk tuk drivers, we walked into town to watch the Mayweather vs Mcgreggor fight accompanied by a liquid breakfast in an Irish bar. We followed this up with a full Sunday lunch and a trip to Boots. As you can gather the first day wasn’t very cultural, but we had a nice time. 

The day after we made a bigger effort to see more cultural sights so set off on a day long walk around the city to visit China town, Wat Suthat, The Giant Swing, the royal palace and Wat Arun. 

China Town, home of gold merchants, big signs and tat shops
Our only photo of The Giant Swing, I don’t think we were very impressed
Wat Suthat

 The royal palace looked great….as far as we could see from behind the wall, we couldn’t go in as we had our knees and shoulders on display – we are saucy like that 😉

To get to Wat Arun you need to travel there by boat which costs about 20p per person and is definitely worth the trip to see Thailands most photographed Temple. 

Of course if temples and swings don’t tickle your fancy and you’d prefer to see an infamous ping pong or ladyboy show, Bangkok is the place to be. We didn’t attend any on this occasion but maybe if there is a second trip to Bangkok the blog will tell a completely different story….

Travellers Tips/Recommendations

Sleep: We stayed in Miggy Guest House. It was cheap and cheerful with the option of A/C if you wanted it. It was just off a street full of great restaurants but because it was off the main strip it was quiet enough for a good nights sleep.

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