Oz Campervan Adventure Part 2: Melbourne City

Part 2 of our Oz Campervan Adventure and we find ourselves in Melbourne! A two day city stop featuring art, giant urinals, penguins, a proper Aussie BBQ with Japanese people and booze…this adventure sure is starting out well…

Day 8: 10th November 2017

If we were to describe Melbourne in one word it would be ‘busy’. Having spent the past 2 weeks in Sydney we were used to the big open, tidy streets and the feeling that there was a lot of space and order. However, once we were inside Melbourne centre the streets felt a lot more hectic.

We had treated ourselves to a ‘BIG4’ campsite which is a tram ride away from the centre and started our trip by visiting Queen Victoria market. This is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere covering a massive 7 hectares! The stalls are endless, selling goods ranging from soap to sausages, something for everyone and a buzzing atmosphere.

Mmm soap cakes
Can’t go wrong with a $10 belt!

Nearby there was a street covered with graffiti murals which is worth having a quick look at if you’re in the area.

After the market we headed to Hosier Lane, a lane famous for being absolutely covered with graffiti/street art. Our time spent with Thierry had obviously unleashed a passion in us. Separate photo blog for this one coming soon.

Continuing to feel all arty we then had a look around a couple of art galleries – we are culture vultures after all! The National Gallery Victoria was pretty awesome with a varied selection of art on display…and what looked liked a massive urinal outside.

Louise matching the art…sort of
Rob at the urinal

After relieving ourselves, we started our 6km walk to St Kilda. The 6km didn’t sound like a very long journey however the day was hot and Louise’s converse were too tight so it was a bit more painful than expected, however we had heard once you arrive at the pier you are more than likely to spot a few penguins 🐧 Who doesn’t love penguins? Dawn or dusk is the best time to spot them…we arrived about 4pm but managed to get glimpse of them just waking up and wiggling between the rocks.

Hello tourist

It’s not quite Blackpool but it’ll do
Good afternoon sleepy head

After this we went for dinner at a pub who’s happy hour offer was buy one pint get one free! And it was an actual pint not a schooner! Needless to say we took advantage of this offer alongside our pizzas before heading to another bar in St.Kilda.

We love pints

The area is known for being a good spot for nightlife however it was fairly quiet the Friday night we were there. The Melbourne cup had been on the day before so we’re not sure if this had affected the number of revellers. Even so we had a good night and hopped on our tram all the way back to the campsite.

Day 9: 11th November 2017

The next day we had our Japanese couch surfing host Taka and his girlfriend Ayumi coming for lunch at our campsite. Taka and Ayumi had also recently landed in Australia but their plan is to stay there for a couple of years and work. It was great catching up with Taka and meeting Ayumi. We hope they liked our big BBQ and attempt to get Taka on the wine once again.

We had a great couple of nights in Melbourne, however if we had to choose a favourite between the rivals of Sydney and Melbourne, we would pick Sydney. Maybe we chose the wrong weekend but for now we know where our hearts lie ♥️

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Travellers tips:

We stayed at the BIG4 holiday park which is the closest campsite to the city centre. The tram stop is about a 15 minute walk away from the campsite so bear this in mind before leaving the pub like we didn’t on the way home from St Kilda and thought our bladders may explode.

If you want to use the buses or trams you need to purchase a Myki card again this is something we didn’t do. This wasn’t due to trying to avoid paying but the shop that sold them wasn’t open. We did ask the driver about this and he just told us to jump off when we saw a shop that was open, but we must have forgot…

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