Oz Campervan Adventure Part 12: Brisbane to Sydney via Blue Mountains National Park

With the NY and birthday festivities over it was time to enter the final leg of our campervan journey and head back to Sydney via the Blue Mountains National Park.

Day 62: 3 January 2018

We headed to Cedar Creek Falls just outside of Brisbane looking forward to a fresh air stroll and dip in the water to help cure the hangover.  Unfortunately a lot of other people had the same idea as when we arrived the car park was full.  We calmly waited with another car for a space….and as it turns out an arguement.  A space became available after about 5 minutes and a passing car went straight into it.  The driver of the other waiting car got out, shook his head and, at the sight of the burly Australian driver, got back in his car again.  I didn’t think this was enough so decided to say to the guy, “Oi, there is a queue you know!”.  To which his reply was, “No buddy, there’s no queue”.  I couldn’t believe the cheek of this man so, whilst pointing out the queue of cars, responded, “What the fuck do you call this then?”  This logic didn’t go down too well with the man and I was told to F-off and he was on his way to the falls.  If this wasn’t bad enough a passer-by (also Australian) came passed my window and chimed in “there is no queue mate”.  As an English man I have the god given birth right of understanding queues better than anyone so being told by two Australians that a queue didn’t exist when it clearly did put me in a foul mood.

Enjoying the view

From there we made our way across Tamborine Mountain and enjoyed a number of stops with great mountain views – including the self-proclaimed “Best of All Lookout”.

The “Best of All Lookout”

Our last main stop of the day was Coolangatta beach on the Gold Coast to enjoy some more views – but this time with sea – and a short platformed walk. We enjoyed our walks around Coolangatta then headed to the spookily named Sleepy Hollow Rest Area.

Day 63: 4 January 2018

Byron Bay was our only stop of the day as we continued to head South along the coast. We stopped off here to reach the most Easternly point of Australia’s mainland. There is a good walk along the coast which takes you to the point and past the lighthouse. From here you can see beautiful views of the coastline.

Our rest stop that evening was a place called Halfway Creek which as at the side of a large petrol station. Good times.

Campsite Views

Day 64: 5 January 2018

The day was spent around Coff’s Harbour and Dorrigo National Park for more beaches and lookout spots….oh and we bumped into English comedian Jimmy Carr who even on holiday did not stop telling jokes.

Day 65: 6 January 2018

Nambucca Heads was our stop for the day. Here we enjoyed some beautiful beaches on a gorgeous sunny day and our rest area for the night was in the gardens of a pub so we ended the day with a nice cool beer. Winner.

Day 66: 7 January 2018

Driving along the coast we had brief stops at Forster Beach and Elizabeth Beach – a day of very little action.

The only photo of the day

Day 67: 8 January 2018

A day of driving as we covered over 330 km to get from the coast into the Blue Mountains. As we traveled inland the climate cooled slightly, although we were beginning to get really conscious about the 67 days of sweat stains on our van seats!

The camp site we had found just outside the Blue Mountains was set in a lovely forested area near the small town of Mount Wilson where we enjoyed a chilled night.

Day 68: 9 January 2018

Instead of heading straight for the Blue Mountains we decided to make our way to Lake Wallace where you can camp around the lake. The attraction of this was not only the picturesque setting but also the fact that there was a shower block there that we could use and boy did we need a shower.

Day 69: 10 January 2018

It was finally time to venture into the Blue Moutains. Unfortunately the weather decided to unleash a fog fart which really limitted our ability to enjoy some of the views. However, we didn’t want the weather to stop us so we decided to do the Blue Mountains Grand Canyon walk which was a fantastic 6km loop through creeks, canyons and waterfalls. We loved it. That night we camped in the Blue Mountains at the Blackheath Glen Reserve which was a wonderful little spot to sit around a campfire and enjoy the night.

Day 70: 11 January 2018

Time for the most famous sight in the Blue Mountains – that of the Three Sisters. Thankfully the weather had cleared up so we were excited about seeing this famous rock formation. Unfortunately we weren’t that impressed with it – it was a lot smaller than we imagined and the place was full of tourists. However, the walk along the canyon was still an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. We then headed for our last night in campervan. The evening was spent washing the van and clearing it out ready to return the next day.

Day 71: 12 January 2018

It was back to Sydney and the end of our campervan adventure. We had covered 15,436.7 km (9591.9 miles) and had lost just as many litres of sweat in that van. We were sad that our time with our little van had come to an end, but when we got to our AirBnB in Coogee our sadness turned into joy at the thought of spending the night in a proper bed in a proper house…with actual walls and roof! Yippee.

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