Two people in love. One organised geek trying to stay young. One young fun lover trying to grow up. Traveling and volunteering around the world…both seeking adventure and the odd drink…what will happen?


This blog will hopefully capture the fun and chaos that ensues over our travels and allow us to share tips and recommendations to fellow travellers. Hopefully it will also inspire excitement about the world and the people in it, make you think a little differently about what life is about and encourage you to go and explore.

Our Plan

In April 2017 we quit our jobs and went off into the world for a year.  We found ourselves building schools in Borneo, climbing active volcanoes in Indonesia, sitting naked in Japanese onsens, dodging scooters in Vietnam and campervanning through the Australian outback amongst lots of other crazy activities in crazy places.

We then returned to the UK briefly before heading to Italy for three months to work on farms, castles and B&Bs.  Now we are back home and trying to catch-up with all the stories and advice we’ve got to share with you. Oh – and we will be part-time travelling as much as possible.

So please like and follow what we do.  If you want to get in touch then we’d love to hear from you.